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Situation worsening in Thailand

April 12, 2010

The situation in Thailand seems to be gradually becoming more and more chaotic.  After days of protest involving peacefully taken blood being daubed on government buildings real blood has been spilt in the last few days and the latest estimates seem to indicate that 21 people have been killed and as many as 900 injured as the military attempted to deal with the red shirt protestors.  The good news is that the military ,at least, seem to be having second thoughts and have drawn back from the conflict with the army chief now suggesting that parliament should be dissolved.  According to the BBC Gen Anupong Paojinda stated ” The best solution of this is to dissolve the House. I don’t want to intervene in politics but I guess the end will be a House dissolution.   Political problems must be solved by political means. House dissolution is a solution but that must be done after a clear time-frame is set.”  Meanwhile a further intervention has come from the Electoral Commission which voted to seek dissolution of  the Democrat Party led by the Prime Minister  in connection with allegations of financial irregularities surrounding the last election.  However, it has also been reported that the red shirts have rejected an offer to dissolve parliament at some point in the next six to nine months and are continuing to push for an immediate dissolution.  Watch this space for anything from a dissolution at gun point through to a further military coup.  Whatever the outcome I am sure that the military will play a key role in the coming days.

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