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Labour to target Osborne – Cameron should be the target for Liberal Democrats

March 28, 2010

According to the Observer Labour is targeting George Osborne as the weakest link in the Conservative team

Party sources told the Observer that a decision had been taken to focus on Osborne as the prime target throughout the campaign, because the future stewardship of the economy is the issue that most concerns voters.

They said there was “strong evidence” from their own focus groups that people regard Osborne as “shrill, immature and lightweight”, and that the Tories are already being harmed in the polls because of doubts about their economic policies.

This seems fine to me as far as it goes and I will be happy to see Vince take him on tomorrow night on Channel 4 and throughout the campaign.

However, I think the Liberal Democrats should be concentrating their fire power (at least as far as the Conservatives are concerned) on Cameron.  This is the man who claims to have made the Conservative Party electable again.  Supposedly they are no longer the nasty party of british politics but that statement hides a multitude of sins that Cameron needs to be brought to account for.

Two that come to mind are as follows:

1) The decision to withdraw the Conservative MEPs from the European Peoples Party and the even worse decision to join the new European Conservatives and Reformists grouping consisting of some far right characters who would not elicit much sympathy from the british public and headed by a Michal Kaminski who has made some seriously offensive remarks in the past.  Does Mr Cameron wonder why the former Tory leader in Brussels, Edward McMillan-Scott, has decided to join the Liberal Democrats?

2) David Cameron’s recent performance in an interview with Gay Times.  If you click here you can see the interview itself and Cameron’s bumbling, stumbling performance.

  1. budgie
    April 2, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    I would say that the Conservatives have this right and it is Osborne who both the other main Parties should be attacking.

    The Economy is going to be the main area where this election will be won and lost and the “no time for a novice” meme should yield rich reward. Especially so, if used in tandem with the statistic that George Osborne will be the youngest Chancellor since the 19th century. That fact really needs to be hammered home.

    The fact that Osborne looks even younger than his actual age will reinforce the novice impression.

    I have little time for Vince Cable, aside from his comedic value. However, he IS the most popular LibDem MP and is probably recognised by more of the public than the non-descript Mr Clegg. In fact a recent poll put Saint Vince ahead of both Osborne and Darling as the person who would make the best Chancellor. Another reason why the LibDems should concentrate their on the economy and the Boy George.

    Following the Chancellors debate on C4, there have been a couple of polls showing that the LibDems might have received a boost from Vince Cable’s appearance and performance. Indeed, one wonders just how much better the LibDems would be performing in the polls if Saint Vince were their leader.

  2. April 3, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    I take your points about Osborne and indeed the bounce the Liberal Democrats have got in the polls following the Chancellors debate. I am not saying that we should not ahve ago at Osborne we should.

    But for some people (who are not committed to one party or keen on a local MP) making up their mind as to who to vote for the critical issue will be who will be Prime Minister and th sort of people they will be leading in their parliamentary party.

    How these people react to certain issues now gives us a good indicator as to how they may react to other issues that may surface during the next parliament.

  3. April 3, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    and the Tories are at their disciminatory behaviour again


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