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Thai government stance makes no sense

March 17, 2010

According to the Bangkok Post the government have now agreed to meet with the red shirts if Thaksin Shinawatra (who has been just been granted citizenship by Montenegro) agrees that it is ok.  This seems slightly odd to say the least given the government’s stance on Thaksin up until now.  As far as they are concerned he is on the run and awaits a jail term if he returns to Thailand.  So why are they keen to talk?  Maybe this at last reflects some realism with regard to the political situation in Thailand.

It is interesting to see that the Pracharaj Party leader Sanoh Thienthong has suggested that a national government should be set up.  I have previously blogged to the effect that some form of national unity government may be the only practicable way forward and at least this option now seems to be on the table.  The government has said that such a national government could not include UDD core leaders but notably did not state that a national government could not happen and did not rule out other potential Thaksin supporters from forming part of such a government.  This may be a significant step forward if there is to be any hope of ending the current impasse.  There was also mention of such a government attempting to resolve the dispute over the constitution and that would be a significant step forward if all parties are engaged in that process and sign up to the final version.

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