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PPP getting concerned over ability to form government

January 6, 2008

It looks as if the PPP is now wooing other parties as the outcome of the election still seems uncertain.  There are 65 PPP candidates which have yet to be approved by the Election Commission.  Three PPP Candidates have been given Red Cards which means that they are disqualified from running in the by-election which will take place.  Four more PPP candidates have been given a Yellow Card which as I understand it means there is a by-election in which they can stand.  The outcome of all these outstanding elections and possible subsequent by-elections will be critical to the PPP’s chances of forming a government

Meanwhile the Democrat Party has lodged a case with the Supreme Court attempting to get all the PPP candidates in the election, which was held on 23rd December, ruled ineligible on the grounds that the PPP was not eligible to stand candidates in the election as it is a nominee of Thai Rak Thai the now disbanded party of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.  Were the Democrat Party to win this case then I foresee a lot of trouble ahead.

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  1. Manfarang
    January 7, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    Thai politics can be full of surprises.A lot of smoke filled rooms at the moment and rumours about the general who was double-crossed by a man who has been living in London(“I just want to play a game of golf…”)

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