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Policies of the People Power Party

December 20, 2007

People Power Party 

Set aside a budget of 1.5 Trillion Baht to subsidise public infrastructure, irrigation, housing and mass transit projects 

Build 10 new electric train routes with a fixed fare of 15 baht for 10 years 

Lay standard gauge tracks to link the rails system with that of neighbouring countries 

Construct five more roads in Bangkok 

Lower bus fares and expressway tolls 

Pursue the economic policy of the dissolved Thai Rak Thai Party 

Set up a 10 Billion Baht fund to lift welfare benefits for village heads to the same level as government officials 

Announce debt moratorium for farmers 

Further develop village fund scheme Increase the Small, Medium and Large Villages project with funding of 300,000 Baht, 500,000 Baht and 700,000 Baht respectively 

Distribute 1,000,000 cattle to 100,000 farmers 

Set up a peoples bank 

Carry on with and improve the 30 Baht universal healthcare scheme 

Carry on with the one district one scholarship project 

Suppress drug trafficking and ensure good governance of government agencies 

Speed up bureaucratic reforms 

Speed up passage of a bill on conflicts of interest involving senior government officials and politicians 

Expand resources for life long learning

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