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Policies of the Matchimathipataya Party

December 19, 2007

Matchimathipataya Party 

Issue 600bn Baht 40 year bonds to raise funds for construction of mass transit and other infrastructure projects 

Build 10 new electric train routes with a fixed fare of 15 baht for 10 years 

Dredge Canals and Rivers and expand dams to allow 2,000 tonne tankers to transfer goods from Koh Si Chang to Saraburi and Nakhon Sawan 

Finalise feasibility study into Kra Canal project 

Solve debts of the people, workers, teachers, soldiers and police 

Boost exports and protect goods made in Thailand 

Liberalise the establishment of commercial banks 

Abolish and amend international commitments which affect agriculture, industrial and commercial sectors 

Oppose privatisation of state enterprises and in particular public utilities and security related enterprises 

Broaden the tax base by reducing personal income tax and reducing corporation taxes to 20% 

Upgrade Village Funds to Village banks 

Support the Small, Medium and Large Villages project with funding of 300,000 Baht, 400,000 Baht and 500,000 Baht respectively 

Expand the scope of free medical services  

Provide free education on completion of university education in state run institutes 

Oppose privatisation of universities 

Provide a monthly allowance of 1,500 Baht (£24) to the elderly

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