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Policies of the Democrat Party

December 18, 2007

Democrat Party 

Build a 4 lane road network throughout the country 

Spend 200bn Baht on a dual track rail system 

Develop rail, links with neighbouring countries such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia 

Replace the diesel service within 100km of Bangkok with an electric service 

Construct three new motorways to the north, the north east and the south 

Cancel the contribution to the state oil fund to ease the pressure on businesses and lower the oil price 

Increase farmers incomes by 40-50% over the next four years by boosting productivity and through expansion of plantation areas 

Economic growth to be 7-8% every year 

Create 400,000 new jobs every year 

Increase income per capita by 100,000 baht (£1587) per year 

Reduce corporation tax from 30% to 25% 

Free education for students 

Free access to local neighbourhood clinics 

Extend social welfare benefits to cover the underprivileged

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