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Leeds demand justice

November 25, 2007


Leeds are demanding justice from the FA and want the case to go the High Court.  Twice they have asked the FA to intervene and overturn the 15 point deduction and twice the FA have refused.  Interestingly contrary to the rules of natural justice both refusals were made by the same person the FA’s Director of Corporate Affairs.  Ken Bates now wants the case to be heard by the High Court. It should make an interesting case if the FA attempt to defend their actions

I cannot understand why the FA refuse to act on what clearly is a miscarriage of justice carried out upon Leeds by what in effect are our fellow competitors.

We were rightly docked 10 points last season but as far as I can see there is absolutely no reason why we should have been docked 15 points this season.  It simply does not seem right that teams who we are competing with were able to act as judge and jury in this matter. As I understand it the FA has certain rules and principles which it is supposed to adhere to – clearly ensuring fair play is not one of them in this case.

Despite being very unfortunate to lose to Cheltenham this afternoon we are still in fifth and only five points from the top. Of course if there was any justice we would be ten points clear at the top!

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