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Wags raise £105,000

September 24, 2007

About a year ago I posted about the launch of the Royal Families charity.
The Wives and Girlfriends of the Reading Footballers got together under the banner of the Royal Families charity, which was set up by Amanda Hahnemann and Karen Murty (wives of goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann and captain Graeme Murty). They aimed to raise sixty thousand pounds throughout the season for local charities.
At the time this seemed like an extremely ambitious target but they smashed that target with some to spare.
Tonight they brought the 2006/07 season to a close and launched the fundraising for 2007/08.
In doing so they handed out £105,000 to local Berkshire charities. We hear so much negativity about footballers wives and girlfriends but these women are absolute stars and have set an example which Reading can be proud of and which many other clubs would do well to follow.
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