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Thailand warns Japan

January 19, 2007

Not content with having fallen out with the government in Singapore the Thai government has turned its attentions to Japan. The row with Singapore continues as the military junta announced that they have switched their mobile phone supplier from Singaporean controlled Advanced Info Service to other firms. They also threatened to exercise their power to revoke the licences of Singaporean owned telecom and satellite operators if they were found to be wiretapping communications channels and sending sensitive information back to Singapore.

The government has turned its attention to Japan as Thaksin Shinawatra was due to arrive in Tokyo last night. The Japanese ambassador to Thailand was quoted as stating that he acknowledged the signals over the ”Thaksin issue”. Thaksin Shinawatra is due to deliver a speech after receiving an honorary degree in political science from Tokyo University. Attention is also focused on rumours that he has agreed to talk to NHK Television whilst in Japan.

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