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From bad to worse

December 11, 2006

Last week Leeds failed to beat Barnsley.

This week we lost 1-0 to Derby see report here. By all accounts both from this report and from reports on WACCOE we were lucky it was only 1-0. Although we improved a lot in the second half we could have been four or five down at half time.

Then comes this report that Leeds fielded six loan players in the game at Burnley when only five are allowed under league rules! Apparently we cannot count.

Thank goodness Dennis Wise is still confident and was quoted as follows We’re doing OK, you know, I was pleased with the performance. The crowd wasn’t pleased after the first half, but they realised the players had given it a real go in the second and unfortunately it didn’t run for us. We’ve got the squad to get out of this, and I’m sure in January we’ll add a couple more. There are certain people we’ve earmarked. Time is far from up, there are plenty of points to be had and if we keep performing the way we are things will change.

I sure hope so but I am not convinced by Shaun Derrys claim that we could do a Crystal Palace and end up in the play off places.

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