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More barking mad nonsense

June 11, 2006

This time in Torbay where they may have to consider removing their Palm Trees as they may constitute a safety hazard! I was really disappointed with the Liberal Democrat comment in the piece in yesterdays Guardian. Someone please tell me he was completely misquoted. This sort of mad nanny state stuff is the sort of thing we should be opposing. Yes we have responsibilities to protect people but we also have responsibilities as Liberals to fight against this sort of nonsense. Torbay is a beautiful area and as I write number one son is there imbibing a few small beers and watching the football with his mates. I will warrant that if he gets injured by a Palm Tree it won’t be because the tree attacked him!!

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  1. Nicola
    June 11, 2006 at 8:25 pm

    I agree its ridiculous ……..

    Almost hard to believe it is the same county as us ……..

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