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The Jowell Mills saga continues

May 28, 2006

At least according to this piece in today’s Sunday Times. The article implies that Tessa Jowell may have known about the gift / income earlier then she says and if so she should have declared it. My reading of the article however does not necessarily lead to the same conclusion. Mills could just as easily have been alluding to how he thought Tessa would react if an when he were to discuss it with her. What riles me is not the possibility that she knew early (which is debatable) but the approach which Mills takes to these matters as witnessed by his own statements. The article quotes Mills as saying – I kept it to myself. It was a big problem for me. I didnt want to worry her about it. I only told her about it when I had decided that I would pay the tax. Brilliant I wonder if I can get away with making decisions about what parts of my income I should pay tax on. Somehow I doubt it!

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